HOT STEEL AND YOU. What Your Brand Says About You.

Sue Moylan

28 February 2014

Branding actually started before cowboys were poking a calf’s rear with a red-hot branding iron. Folks have been using hot iron to mark their property since the beginning of time, and have been calling it branding since the fifteenth century.

In spite of the many books and seminars produced on branding, there are few secrets to it; though there are many techniques. The first thing to remember is that your goal is to have your company seared in the customer’s mind, in that special way in which you want it remembered. Though your logo is the graphical representation of your company, the feeling that someone gets when seeing your logo goes far beyond its two-dimensional attributes. A tagline, that clever phrase that goes with your logo, might work well as a verbal descriptor. But in essence…

Your brand is that emotion that comes to mind as people think of who you are, what you do, how you do it, why you do it, and how that applies to them. The “everything” about you.

Is your name associated with integrity, expertise, consistency, and a desire to stand with and for your clients and/or customers? Can your business overcome industry stigmas associated with the competition’s reputation? Reasonably, this instilled confidence will trump uncertainty. THAT is your brand.

The most current and most insightful perspective on what is important in that “everything” above, is the WHY. Why are you selling clothes? Why are you making Mexican food? Why are you treating people for allergies? Out of that why comes HOW you do what you do. Just then, the details of the WHAT are outlined. Most of the time, any of your competitors would have that same WHAT. It is, however, the WHY and HOW that define your uniqueness. And that message of your uniqueness is your brand. As such, it should be part of EVERYTHING you say and do.

Simple, huh?

So as you take on the day, remember: you and your business are unique; and everyone on your team or organization is responsible for expressing that uniqueness in everything they do, leaving a seared impression on prospects’ and customers’ minds.


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