Eco-Friendly is Good Business.

“Can I give my brochure an odd shape and still mail it?” “Are my business cards printed on paper from a factory powered by windmills?” “Can I still get top quality marketing tools without harming the planet?”

We know that you don’t want your marketing materials to look like they were designed off a boring, over-used template. As a part of designing impactful materials, we take your goals and practical needs into consideration. Our presses include up to 8-color printing to print brochures, newsletters, direct mail materials, stationary items, catalogs, presentation materials, boxes, banners, trade show displays – and everything in between to get your message across in an aesthetically-pleasing and eco-friendly fashion.

Being passionate about our environment’s preservation, we make every effort to enlist equipment, vendors, and suppliers to meet our purpose of “leaving a mark, with a minimal carbon footprint.”

| We encourage use of recycled and FSC papers
| Our inks are soy and vegetable based
| We recycle printing plates
| We reuse and recycle pallets, paper, and shrink-wrap
| We dispose of chemicals responsibly
| We use chemical-less plate makers
| Our shop is FSC Certified 

Green Ink’s suppliers’ Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification provides strength in our responsibility of production and consumption of forest products. It enables consumers and businesses to feel comfortable making purchasing decisions that benefit people, business, and the environment, and that provide ongoing value. When people come to Green Ink Marketing, they know that they are in the hands of an honest, responsible team working hard to do good for business, the community, and the planet.

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