Digital Media: Websites and Social Media

Today’s websites are at the center of marketing efforts. The website informs, provides helpful tools and sells, while it can provide engagement through social media, become a destination to coupons, ads and direct mail campaigns and surveys — it is an integrated platform.

Building a Presence – the website is the hub for the online marketing programs

  • Frameworks
    • Built on a content management system specific to our client’s needs and use.
    • Providing our clients independence with maintenance and updates
    • That are flexible and expandable
    • That get our clients found with SEO-conscious content for improved ranking
    • With Analytics for website traffic measurements
    • Mobile ready and overall Responsive to a variety of devices
  • Content that is
    • Intuitive in organization and navigation
    • Focused on client needs, SEO rankings, and leveraged across various platforms
    • Verbal, graphic and clear.
    • Engagement and Interaction with the reader
    • Adding social media and video to the website

Supporting the Sales Team

  • Creating lead generation and prospecting
  • Developing pre- and post-sales tools
  • Furthering marketing campaigns with specific landing pages and lead tracking
  • Promoting information and materials, brochure-like, e-newsletters, etc