Meet the Team

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[person designation=”Partner – Strategic Marketing / Relationship Builder and Outreach” name=”Pat  Sandt” picture_path=”×150.png”]

“Most great interactions involve some form of food.”

Initiating her career with Hewlett-Packard, Pat has over 25 years’ experience managing marketing campaigns and branding strategies. She is passionate about developing strategic programs for small to mid-size businesses and for creating and managing integrated marketing programs. Pat is very active in her community and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce. She is the founder of the Green Torrance committee and of Junior Leadership Torrance, a leadership program for high school students. In addition, Pat was the marketing chair for the Torrance Centennial committee and a Mentor at the South Bay Entrepreneurial Center. [/person]

[person designation=”Partner – Creative and Production Director” name=”Sue Moylan” picture_path=”×150.png”]

“There is no substitute for Authenticity. A simple cup of coffee can prove that.”

Sue started her career with Toyota and Lexus. She has over 20 years’ experience in Creative, Printing, Direct Mail and Entrepreneurialship. She combines her technical and intuitive skills as she interprets, creates, inspires, facilitates, and is one of the most hands-on and resourceful professionals in the business. Sue is on the Board of Directors of the Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce, Community Advisory Board of PTN and the YMCA.  A Torrance native and resident, Sue was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is fluent in Spanish, and still misses the big city. [/person]

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[person designation=”Corporate Designer & Identity Creator ” name=”Evelyn” picture_path=””]When Evelyn is not busy developing or furthering a client’s creative image, she is pleasing friends with her gourmet cooking and watching after her four-legged friends! [/person]

[person designation=”Artistic Designer, Illustrator & Painter ” name=”Cindy” picture_path=””]Cindy is an all-around creative being. When she is not painting, she sculptures and combines these talents and keen eye for detail onto 2-D publications with Green Ink Marketing. Check out one of her latest creations at [/person]

[person designation=”Social Media Specialist ” name=”Joaquin” picture_path=””]Joaquin knows first hand the challenges of the small business, since he owned one himself for close to two decades. Marketing at a client level and engaging people are key. Joaquin hits the beach for Volleyball several times a week, is an Ambassador with the Torrance Chamber, and a very busy father of two! [/person]

[person designation=”Project Coordinator, Translator & Writer ” name=”Lia” picture_path=””]Having lived in Japan, Argentina, Germany, Brazil, Honduras, and the US with the U.S. Military, Lia is inspired by the diversity of voices. She researches, interprets and delivers. Lia is a dog lover, shelter worker, and foster mom who established a local shelter while living in Louisiana. [/person]

[person designation=”Web Developer” name=”Jill” picture_path=””]When she’s not swinging a tennis racquet, Jill is developing attractive and functional websites for small businesses, organizations, charities, and individuals.  The sites cover everything from simple company introductions and blogs, to complex database and e-commerce development, e-mail campaigns, and social media. [/person]

[person designation=”Video & Online Media ” name=”Rick” picture_path=””]Rick is a screenwriter, director, and cameraman. With the incorporation of imagery, human expression and movement, music and sound, Rick creates motivating corporate & business marketing, instructional, and entertainment videos. A creature of LA, he enjoys shooting special events, music performances, entertainment & fashion, with newswires upload services. [/person]

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