How Critical is it to Post Original Content for your Website?

In our fast-paced, reactionary business world, it is tempting to cut a few corners by posting quick, poorly thought out content—or worse yet, duplicate content from other websites—and post them to our own site. There are negative consequences to this approach since it clearly does not define you as a leader or expert in your industry.

Don’t Neglect Mobile Marketing

Marketers and business owners shouldn’t overlook mobile marketing. Mobile devices, ranging from smartphones to tablets, are a major part of our lives—for example, the average person in the U.S. checks his or her cellphone phone 46 times a day, and collectively, the entire U.S. population checks their respective phones roughly 8 billion times each day.

Branding: How to write a corporate tagline

We talk about elevator pitches, 30-second introductions, and taglines. Each have a purpose, and used in the wrong setting, they can all be awkward. You can’t use a 30 second intro on your business card, and you shouldn’t stand up and say “Just do it” at the Denny’s...

Designing a company logo

Today I received a call from a new client… he is starting a new company and wants to print business cards. He was lining up all the information to get these made, including the ever-treacherous logo design. Where our prospective client went wrong was in trying to rush...

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